Why would you choose VIDYA Student App

Why would you choose VIDYA Student App

In the VIDYA Student App study material is managed in a very easier and systematic way. So that students can easily access every section on the App. VIDYA Student App makes it easy for the students to search for the appropriate study material.

 There are some key points of the VIDYA Student app as follows:

Quick Installation:
Students can easily download VIDYA Student App from Play Store. In the download process, you do not need to share additional information.

Easy Login:
Students can easily Login (Login provided by the school) in their VIDYA Student App. Only three information is required School code, user name, and password.

Separate Login:
Each student has a separate login. So that the data of each student safe and doesn't mix. Through which the teacher can see the record of different students.  

Easy to understand:
The section of this app is managed in such a way that students do not have to trouble to understand. No technical skill is required to access the content.

View the App:
Students can view the modules of the app on the Dashboard as well as in the Menu option both. Also, they can open the App in the browser.

Modules and section:
Module and section names are placed in such a way that students will be understood by looking at them. Modules are placed inside it according to the section.

Short summary:
Students can view a brief summary of each module activity.  It has been listed in one place in each section with subjects.

Show Date and Time:
All the activities that have been done in subjects will be shown with date and time.

Various Activities:
VIDYA Student App provides other student-related activities such as pay online school fees payment. With the help of this app, students can pay their school fees online and receive a paid fee receipt from the app. Also, students can view the Notices and SMS issued by the school.

Help & Support option:
In the VIDYA Student App, app related articles and videos are available. which you can see directly on the app. In this, you have been easily explained "How to use the App".

Quick Link:
In the VIDYA Student App Quick Link bar is available at Dashboard. where students can easily access the sections of the app.

Thus, the VIDYA Student app makes it easy for both parents and teachers to keep a track of the study of students. As well as for students, the VIDYA Students app provides convenience by helping them to achieve more in less time.

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