Why would you choose VIDYA School App

Why would you choose VIDYA School App?

VIDYA School App provides a medium to foster communication among all the person associated with the school. It is the medium that boosts the way and frequency of communication. It will help in overall growth and development of school and students.

Few key points explaining why you need VIDYA School App


  • It will let you communicate with students, parents and teacher with the low - cost “Instant SMS” service.
  • You can make necessary “Announcement” at school website. New admission announcement can be made on school website so that any visitor would easily get aware of it without any extra spending.
  • You can “Email” to unlimited contact from the school website regarding any notification.
  • You can have school “Email Subscription” list. The subscriber can get the notification right in their email inbox.
  • You can issue “Notice” about holidays and exams on the school website without any spending.
  • You can issue “ID Card” and “TC” from the school website to facilitate school management functioning.                   


  • You can stay updated about your “Ward Overall Performance”.
  • You can keep watch on the recent school events and programs by seeing “Gallery” of school.
  • All the important “Notification” about exams and “School Contact” can be accessed by you anytime through the school website.
  • You can ask about any issue by “Enquiry” app to the school administration from the website.


  • You can get all your allocated “Assignment” anytime from the school website.
  • You can access “Tutorials” and Notes from the website.
  • You can get updates about latest “Competition Exams”.
  • You can see “Rank” of students who have performed well in examinations. You can see the name of the student who has been "Topper" of your school exams. This will help you to remain motivated to perform better.
  • You can get information about top “Universities and College” from your school website and can prepare yourself for the exams.


  • You can get recent “Educational Board” guidelines.
  • You can access any Student's details to help in the overall growth from the school website by "Student" app.
  • You can also refer to “Tutorial “material to enhance the way you teach.

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