Student Fee Setting

Student Fee Setting

Fee Setting  is used to set the fees of students for the current session.

Note:- Before doing the fee settings of students make sure that the class fee structure has been set from Class Fee option of Admin module.

Follow the below mentioned steps to set fees of students -

  • Click on Fee  Module.
  • Click on Fee Setting option.    
  • Following window opens.
  • Search the student by
  • Reg No
  • Sr No
  • Name                                                                                                                                                                           


  • Select Class Wise option. 
  • Select  ☑ Shift [▼], ☑ Class [▼], ☑ Stream [▼] (only for higher classes), ☑ Section [▼]  to search the student.
  • Click on  Search  button.    
  • The student records will be listed as follows.
  • The students whose fees are not set will be highlighted with blue color.
  • Select the student whose fees you want to set (selected students will be highlighted with yellow color).
  • If you want to bring forward the old fee dues of student from old session to current session then select the old session from session field and click on  Get Prev Session Dues  button.
  •  The old fee dues of students will be listed in the "Prev Dues" column.

  • Go to Class Fee Structure section.
  • Click on the checkbox in Active column to active the particular fee head for the student (example - Admission Fee, Bus Fee, Late Fine, etc).
  • If student is using the transport facility then to set the transport fees of student.
  • Go to Apply Setting section.
  • Click on Set Transport Fee checkbox.
  • Select the area or stop from  Area or Stop  list from where the student is using transport facility.
  • If you are forwarding the old dues of students from old session to current session.
  • Click on  Select head for prev  checkbox option And, from the drop down list select the  fee head  in which you want to sore the students old dues fees.
  • Click on  Save  button to save the fee settings.

  • Following message will be displayed.     
  • Click on  OK  button.         

  • The fee structure of student will be displayed in Student Fee Structure section.

 Possible Errors

 This error will occur if class fee structure is not saved”





Solution: - Go to Admin Module , Click on Class Fee Structure ,Set the Class Fee and Click on Save button. Applying these steps problem solved.

             This error will occur if you have applied the fee setting. Then after make some changes in Class fee structure, like Uncheck the (compulsory, student wise and Active) box.


 Solution: - Go to Admin Module  Click on Class Fee Structure, Select Shift, Class, and Stream , Set the class Fee and click on Save Button. Applying these steps problem solved.  



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