How To Upload Image?

How To Upload Image?

There are tow type of image uploading-

  1. By Browse Button ( Any profile photo upload as- Image Gallery, Class Photo, Teacher, Student, Driver etc)
  2. By Image Property Option ( Any image which is placed between text as- About Us, Chairman Message, Rules & Policy etc)


By Browse Button-

  • In image upload section of any app, you have to to do two steps necessary.
  1. Click on Browse button & select image from your computer storage.
  2. Click on the Upload button to upload the image.

By Image Property Option-

  • Right Click on any Image which you want to change.
  • Click on Image Properties option.


  • Click on the Upload section.
  • First, click on the Browse button & select an image from your computer storage.
  • Second, click on Send It To The Server button.
  • Third, click on Ok button.


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