Fine Condition Setting

Fine Condition Setting

Fine Condition option is used for Date wise fine condition Setting. After the month ends, Fine Condition will apply automatically.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Set Fine Condition -  

  1. Click on Admin Module.
  2. Select the  Fine Condition option.
  1. Select Shift.
  2. Select  Fee Day option & set Date From & Date To  (Date between which the Fee is taken without any late fine)
  3. Set Fee Amount - 0 and select Fee Type - Late Fine.
  4. Now Set Fine Condition-
    1. Select  Cnd2 or others.
    2. Set  Date From & Date To.
    3. Set Fee Amount  (Fine Amount) .
    4. Set Fee Type- Late Fine.
  5. Same as the above steps you can set 22 fine conditions.
  6. Now select the  After Complete Previous Month option, and set Fee Amount.
  7. Select Fee Type- Late Fine.
  8. Now click on the  Save button to save the Fine Condition settings.

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