Benefits of VIDYA School Management Software

Benefits of VIDYA School Management Software

There are much reasons to choose VIDYA. See the Quick Advantages.

. No doubt VIDYA is a great software for managing the various aspect of data for School & Institution thereof. There are several reason which you can see below and compare it.

                   (1)  -  Easy Installation

VIDYA installation process is very easy and you can complete in very few clicks. Only Install the software and connect the database and your environment is ready to work with the hash free operation.

                   (2)  -  Easy to take Records Backup

Only with a single click, you can take all of your record back-ups instantly.

                   (3)  -  Simple and Elegant User Interface

VIDYA interface is very easy to use. All of your options are available at the front of the user interface. You can move at any time without any restricted activity. It uses the simple approach to handle and understand for an Admin as well as the operator.

                   (4)  -  Easily run in Network Mode

VIDYA comes in two packs a). Single User and b). Network Mode. It is fully compatible and convertible from a single user environment to Network mode environment. Only you have to upgrade your pack from our website.

                   (5)  -  Auto Backup Request

Time to time software indicate you to take backup properly.

                   (6)  -  Easy to Handle the Software

Be prepared for only half hour training and you will easily operate the VIDYA software. It provides the very easy interface to maintain the data and operation. New entry, modification, and reporting are available on single click.

                   (7)  -  Secure with Login Account

We provide the Admin level login management. Admin has the overall authority to maintain the login account and allow the task on a user basis with separate login account of each user. The overall control is in Admin end.

                   (8)  -  Auto Class Bell Ringing

It is the most appropriate and unique feature. An auto bell ringing system is inbuilt in VIDYA. You can set timing, bell sound and editing feature for bell ringing. It also comes with predefined bell ringing schedule.

                   (9)  -  The price that Suits Your Budget

When the money and investment matter, the products are unable to choose their client. But VIDYA is very much affordable in pricing. Our pricing is competitive in the software market in this category. No, any software is available in such budget with grand features.

                   (10)  -  Easy to Manage, No Expertise Required

If you think that only experts manage this software then you are wrong. VIDYA is developed in such a manner that anyone can use and operate it easily with learning a few steps. No, any expertise is required for managing the school data.

                   (11)  -  Export any Report to pdf, docs, xlsx

You can export your all reports in various formats like Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlsx) format and Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) to ensure that you can save your data in hard copy also.

                    (12)  -  Unlimited student & transaction manage

There is unlimited database storage to entry and manage the unlimited students and their transaction as well as other management data. No boundation or limit for data entry.

                   (13)  -  Training Video & Material easily available

For software training all types of help available at our website. You can access help materially in textual format or in Video at our website. Please visit at our VIDYA Support Center.

                    (14)  -  Dedicated support team

A separate and dedicated Support Team is available to help you to hassle-free operation of VIDYA. Please contact at +917080137444 and mail us at for any help.

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